Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Look at ZEN Boutique

We take a last look back at the CADEAUX MAKE LOVE Watch & Jewelry boutique at ZEN in CENTRAL WORLD, which was opened in December 2009 and destroyed in the fire at CENTRAL WORLD following the arson attack on 19 May 2010.

CADEAUX JEWELRY is fortunate that except for the fixtures and the point-of-sale, no other damages occurred to life, property or inventory.

Destruction of Boutique

The fire that was started by arsonists and looters after the end of the occupation of Rajprasong on 19 May 2010, also destroyed our flagship store CADEAUX MAKE LOVE that was located in ZEN at CENTRAL WORLD.

The immediate material loss is in the range of $100,000. Fortunately, no staff had been present at this location for several weeks, and we had evacuated all valuable inventory about 10 days before the fire.

CADEAUX MAKE LOVE Jewelry and Watch Boutique, opened in December 2009, had started very successfully. Customers loved the setting of the shop.

Four days after the fire we accompanied a reporter from SF (Schweizer Fernsehen; Swiss Television) to the site of our destroyed flagship store. This picture shows the reporter filming the burned out ZEN section of the CENTRAL WORLD (on Sun. 23 May 2010).

CADEAUX JEWELRY continues to operate points-of-sale in Bangkok at other locations.