Friday, March 5, 2010

Philip Baechtold Interview

Philip A. Baechtold, the distributor of CADEAUX JEWELRY in Thailand, on the occasion of the opening of the CADEAUX MAKE LOVE Jewelry and Watch boutique at ZEN, Central World, Bangkok, was interviewed by HELLO! magazine (Thailand) about his business. The article was published in the issue of 4 March 2010.

Philip said that CADEAUX JEWELRY is in its 8th year of distribution in Thailand and that this occasion has been marked by the opening of the first boutique, CADEAUX MAKE LOVE Jewelry and Watch Boutique. He said that initially he had been cautioned by people in the industry that the CADEAUX JEWELRY style was not suitable for the Thai market, but that he had believed otherwise because affluent and sophisticated consumers from Thailand also traveled around the world and were acquainted with international jewelry trends, which were not always reflected by the jewelry on offer in conventional Thai jewelry shops, that were more focused on heavily set jewelry with clusters of diamonds and colored stones.

He further elaborated that also in Thailand there is interest interest for contemporary jewelry that like CADEAUX JEWELRY follows characteristic and modern design concepts and often shows more gold and craftsmanship than stones. This kind of jewelry, he said, was more expressive of a person's personality and standing in society, reflecting a timeless function of jewelry as a symbol of rank and status.

While not every determined effort would automatically lead to success, Philip ended by saying that his vision and the efforts of a devoted staff, further combined with a suitable partnership with large department stores and appropriate locations, had been borne results and that CADEAUX JEWELRY has been accepted and successful in Thailand.