Friday, September 10, 2010


Rings STARDUST [CO-02-004 WG BSD and PG RPYS]


The CADEAUX JEWELRY COLOR collection is an ode to life’s spectacular colors. Autumn leaves, spectral rainbows, tropical sunsets, iridescent minerals, coral reefs. COLOR brings nature’s colors to life in gold and precious gems.


The night sky has stimulated ancient and modern cultures, through mythology with its eternal chaos and balance, for agriculture as a measure of seasons and time, in astronomy in search of origins and with astrology as a reflection of our hopes and dreams. The ring STARDUST is inspired by constellations, galaxies and nebulae. It mirrors the beauty of the night sky through an array of natural gems such as Rubies, Sapphires, Tsavorites and Diamonds set in a white or pink gold ring with an ellipsoid profile that emulates the apparition of a domed universe, and perfectly fits the finger.

STARDUST is a dazzling creation, evocative of the art of stained glass and Art Deco, full of fantasy, yet precious and made of gold and rare natural gems.

Ring: [Ref.: CO-02-004] Ring with an ellipsoid profile, a curved outer band in white or pink gold set with gems, and a convex inner ring band in pink gold.

Precious Metal: 18 Karat White Gold or 18 Karat Pink Gold.

Gemstones: Brilliant-cut Diamonds, genuine Rubies, yellow, pink, blue, or orange Sapphires, green Tsavorites.

Launch Date: 6 September 2010

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