Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter Opener

An instrument from a bygone era? One forgets how many letters still land on a desk daily. Cards, invitations, invoices, mailings, and once in a while ... a letter. They are ripped open unceremoniously, envelopes and postage stamps torn, contents crumpled. Letters deserve better.

The precious letter openers from CADEAUX JEWELRY do your paper mail justice.

Adorned with skulls made of smokey quartz, lemon quartz or rock crystal. These gemstones are carved by master-craftsmen in Germany.

The skull is an eternal memento mori, a reminder that life is transient and that every moment should be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. Also when one is opening letters!

The blades are made of sterling silver, the mounting and other ornaments are held in 18 Karat gold with precious stones or diamonds. The blade is stamped with the logo CADEAUX.

Alternatively, a one-of-a-kind specimen with a beautifully hand carved frog in nephrite. The frog is resting comfortably on an 18 Karat gold cushion. Its eyes are of ruby.

Or a turtle in silver mounted on a cut and polished piece of onyx and adorned with a Ginkgo leaf in 18 Karat gold set with diamonds.

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